Milton Stricker – Architect

1926 – 2008

Milton Stricker

Milton Stricker received his architectural education at Carnegie Mellon University (formerly known as Carnegie Institute of Technology) 1947-1950.   In his final semester he left to join the Frank Lloyd Wright Fellowship and apprenticed for one year in 1951-1952.   He opened his own office in 1962, practicing in Seattle, the Northwest and Alaska.   His work was devoted to the cause of Organic Architecture with uncompromising integrity.

Towards the end of his career, Milton dedicated himself to the task of communicating his insights into the process of artistic abstraction as the source and generator of Organic Architecture, culminating in the book, Design Through Abstraction: The Wright Source to Art and Architecture, which has now been published and made available through Amazon.   Click on the image below to review and purchase the book.

Design Through Abstraction

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and graphic design work of Milton Stricker.

Yucca Plant Abstraction
White Residence (1959)
Hal Mackey Residence (1962)
Hal Mackey Residence (1962)
Ken Gerbing Residence (1969)
Gary Ammerman Residence #1 (1963)
Gary Ammerman Residence #1 (1963)
Hofmeister Residence (1965)
Desert Mountains Abstraction
Ray Brandes Residence Project (1955)
Street of Dreams Residence (1986)
Elephant Car Wash (1971)
Connor Residence (1963)
Connor Residence (1963)
Connor Residence (1963)
Fire Station #24 (1974)
Russell Collar Residence #1 (1970)
Griffin Residence (1975)
Griffin Residence (1975)
Forest Abstraction
DesMarais Residence (1969)
Hawks Residence (1961)
Hawks Residence (1961)
Tacoma Rectory (1959)
Kurus Residence (1970)
Panlenor Clinic (1962)
William Maekawa Residence (1967)
William Maekawa Residence (1967)
Maxwell Clinic (1970)
Liska Residence #1 (1972)
Mount Baker Abstraction
Mount Olympus Abstraction
Phillips Residence (1963)
Perrow Residence (1967)
Peterson Club House (1965)
John Pirak Residence (1959)
Thorson Residence (1966)
Thorson Residence (1966)
Matheson Residence (1980)
Hummel Residence (1962)
Schweizer Residence (1959)
Bernice Collar Residence #2 (1976)
James Taylor Residence (1965)
James Taylor Residence (1965)
Kurt Peterson Residence (1965)
Sunfish Abstraction
Taliesin West Abstraction
George Pearson Residence (1993)
Heckman Residence (1990)
Milton Stricker Residence #2